Canna Help Affiliate Program

Here's How It Works...


What is the Affiliate Program?

You now have the opportunity to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle using Canna Help CBD.

AND, earn income by selling and referring your friends and family to use Canna Help CBD products.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, the CBD business is exploding nationwide!

What a better way to make the first step by investing in your health and wellness AND make an income by simply spreading the word!


Purchase our Affiliate Starter Package ~ Includes tincture, pain balm or vape cartridge, and a signature tee.

Enroll in our monthly subscription and receive 20% off a bottle of tincture automatically each month ~ only available to affiliates.

Receive your Canna Help ID Number ~ Gives YOU exclusive access to pricing!

Receive your Customer Referral Code ~ Earn money when customers use your code.

Receive the Canna Help 7 Day Guide to Success ~ Learn the benefits of how to take care of your body using CANNABIS with Canna Help CBD products!  We encourage you to try the product and follow the steps each day to experience the full benefits of this amazing plant!

Pass on your referral code to friends and family ~ Let everyone in on the opportunity!

Start receiving $$$$$

You simply use and sell your products and make income, then let your friends, family, and clients know about your new business venture on social media!

And remember, with every referral you receive (using your code), YOU receive a commission!

Now isn’t that simple? Don’t you know someone that would benefit from having a pain free lifestyle?